Spider Control

​Many species of spiders are common household pests in the United States. Certain common household spiders spin webs over lamps, in corners and in basements. This creates an unsightly situation but causes no real harm. Remember that every "cobweb" was made by a spider. Although all spiders use venom when they bite and kill their prey, the black widow and the brown recluse spiders are the only North American species consistently dangerous to humans.

Scorpion Control

Sours Pest  Control is your company for scorpion control in Phoenix, Arizona, and throughout the Valley. Scorpions are a difficult pest to control. We use a proven treatment method to  treat the areas that scorpions nest and breed in.

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Since 1999, Surprise AZ based Sours Pest Control has been providing pest control services to the Phoenix area. We provide pest control solutions to residential and business clients and are focused on providing great customer service to our valued customers. 


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Ant Control

​In Arizona, controlling ants is a constant battle because they are constantly migrating and creating new colonies. Sours Pest Control can help keep ants out of your home or building by inspecting and providing exclusion recommendations and  effective treatments.

Bird Control

To gain control of most birds it's necessary to look at what they are doing to create a nuisance. Are they nesting on the roof tops, under the eaves or Ac units or are they on some part of the structures where the droppings are landing in an undesirable location like the entryway to a home or business creating slip and fall hazards and liabilities.

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