Sours Pest Control has been the trusted provider of scorpion control services in Surprise Arizona and the entire Phoenix area since 1999.

Scorpions can be a difficult pest to control but our proven scorpion control program focuses not only on where you see scorpions, but where they next and breed in or near your home or business.

How do we treat and control scorpion issues?

Scorpions feed on other insects and especially have a love for roaches and crickets. We develop a comprehensive plan to control scorpions that includes removing their food source and treating scorpion breeding  and nesting areas.

Scorpion control is one of our most popular services and is part of our complete pest control service that treats.

Sour Pest Control is proud to be based in Surprise AZ proving scorpion control,
pest control and spider control services.

Scorpion Control in Surprise Arizona

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