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Sours Pest Control can develop a spider control program for your home or business. Sours has been the trusted provider of scorpion control services in Surprise Arizona and the entire Phoenix area since 1999.

​The most common spiders we encounter are wolf spiders, black widows and the common house spider. 

Why do I have spiders is a common question we receive!

If you see a lot of spiders around your home or business, it's most likely because they found a food source of other bugs. ​When we implement a spider control plan, we always look at food and water sources for the spider as well as habit opportunity. Spiders often choose to set up camp near eaves of homes, corners of your foundation and at the base of windows inside your home or business. They also like to live near outdoor light sources which tend to attract other bugs.

What does a black widow spider look like and are they dangerous?

​A black widow spider has a red or orange hourglass shaped mark on its body. Getting bit by a black widow can make healthy adults sick for a few days with symptoms that include muscle pain and swelling. Symptoms can last for an extended period of time. In some cases it can be fatal especially among young children.

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